Ricky Mehra is an academic, futurist and entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada. He recently had a successful exit from a bigdata healthtech company and has spent 14+ years servicing intelligence globally to the largest Medical Device and Pharmaceutical companies. He has shifted gears and is now focusing on early stage Venture Capital.

Academic: He has a Master’s degree in Molecular Biology (University of Toronto) and an undergraduate degree in Human Biology and Pharmacology (University of Toronto).

Recent Exit (Founder, 2012-2016): Ricky founded and ran a disruptive big-data predictive analytics company servicing healthcare companies. Clients included, but were not limited to global Fortune 500 Medical and Pharmaceutical companies (e.g. Johnson & Johnson, Gilead, GE, Medtronic, McKesson, Stryker, Becton Dickinson, Boston Scientific, Abbott, Biomet-Zimmer). The company was bootstrapped with very little capital and 4 years later was listed #22 on Canada’s fastest growing companies Profit50 Startup list. The organization successfully exited (non-dilutive) via acquisition from a $22B market cap publicly traded global conglomerate (Quintiles/IMS recently rebranded to IQVIA) in December of 2016 demonstrating significant ROI for investors.

Ricky’s role was focused on Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Product Vision and Development, Strategic Partnerships, Strategic Vision and M&A.

Managing Partner, Early-stage Healthtech Venture Fund: Ricky is in the process of launching a micro-fund focused on early stage investments in healthtech companies. The thesis will focus on companies in AI/big data, neurotech, synthetic biology, nanotherapeutics, gene editing/engineering, regenerative, immunotherapy, quantum computing, blockchain and mixed reality. He has embedded networks within the health startup scene in Toronto, Waterloo, Montreal, Boston and Silicon Valley.

Ricky currently sits in advisory/investor roles for multiple startups in the following spaces: Machine-vision Medical AI, Quantum-ready consultancy, Intelligible AI for Protein-folding, Sensor technology for medical device, MEMS Eye and Gesture tracking and more. Ricky serves as a judge for the Ontario Brain Institutes (OBI) pitch day where he judges and mentors early stage neurotech startups. Ricky also volunteers time with The Knowledge Society where he has an active mentoring role for gifted teens with a focus in genetic engineering.

5 Year Horizon: Significantly improve average life expectancy (longevity/anti-aging) and the quality of life for all humans by employing technologies discussed above whilst demonstrating strong returns for founders and LPs.