Teemu Arina has a professional career of two decades as a technology entrepreneur, author and professional speaker. He is one of the forefront thinkers on the intersection of the man and the machine concentrating on digital augmentation of learning, work, leadership, health and – eventually – the future of humanity. In 2015 he received the Leonardo Award (under the patronage of European Parliament and UNESCO) under the title of Humanity in Digitization. Mr. Arina is co-author of the best-selling Biohacker’s Handbook for optimizing health and well-being with technological and biological tools and the curator of the Biohacker Summit, the number one optimal human performance conference in Europe. He is the co-founder of Biohacker Center, an independent think tank into optimal human performance based in Helsinki, Finland. Mr. Arina is a popular keynote speaker who has presented in USA, UK, Japan, Russia, China, the Netherlands, and Germany to name a few and was selected as the Speaker of the Year in Finland by Speakers forum in 2017 out of 8000+ speakers. In his free time he enjoys photography, foraging and crazy biohacking experiments.