Thomas Anderson is a PhD student at the University of Toronto under Norman Farb in the Regulatory and Affective Dynamics laboratory ( Thomas’ main work focuses on the cognitive neuroscience of “meta-awareness” (“decentering” in the clinical literature), which is an experience of insightful internal noticing, for example, when noticing that one’s mind has wandered from the task at hand or, more broadly, that one’s behaviours are not aligned with one’s values.

Thomas also co-founded Toronto’s Psychedelic Science Interest Group, a team of early career psychiatrists, PhD students, and faculty researching the benefits and drawbacks of microdosing psychedelics. Early work relied on collecting data from existing microdosers to build a scientific understanding of potential outcomes of microdosing. Thomas especially focuses on ensuring methodological rigour and proper practice under open science in all his projects.

Thomas is interested in psychedelic-use for the enhancement of meta-awareness and “the betterment of well people” in addition to the great promise these substances have for treating the unwell.