Plant Medicine for the Modern Age With Herbalist Yarrow Willard Cl.H. & Nutritionist Jaakko Halmetoja

Official Side Event: Pre-conference Workshop

The path of our species has always been intimately woven into the cycles of nature and the living world around us. Yet, in the modern era of science, technology, and urban life, many of us have lost touch with the living intelligence and medicine of the natural world. Our hardware (bodies) remember, but our software (cognitive setting) could use support in re-integrating with the nature of who/what we really are.

What's Included?
  • In this half-day class, plant medicine experts Yarrow Willard and Jaakko Halmetoja will share how to reclaim the language of the natural world and a variety of ways to create your own plant medicines, elixirs, and ferments that support a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

  • Attendees get a certificate from the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing, “Basics in Plant Medicine“.

  • Upgraded elixir demonstrations will be served to fuel the afternoon.


12:00 – Introduction to plant medicines (Yarrow Willard & Jaakko Halmetoja).

13:00 – Nutrition for the future – Ancient old & brand new (Jaakko Halmetoja).

14:00 – Medicinal mushrooms – Chemistry, biochemistry, and application (Yarrow Willard & Jaakko Halmetoja).

15:00 – Working with medicinal plants & roots (Yarrow Willard & Jaakko Halmetoja).

16:00 – Workshop ends.